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My Name is Niyigena zachalie known as Niza was born in 1997 in kigali and grown up in gikondo , kigali Niza Is a self-taught painter and Mixed-media expressionist and He is an artist in residency in one of the best art Gallery in Rwanda , Niyo Art Gallery in Kigali, Rwanda. Internationally recognized, Niza work Defines Contemporary African art with pieces That immerge from experimentation with a range of unexpected material. (Recycling) with aim of protecting our environment Niza have been an art teacher in schools, NGO and Rehabilitation Centers. Niza has a degree in computer science that he got from Saint Phillip technique school in 2017

In 2015, . Pieces are sold proceeds supporting orphans, street children and vulnerable ones Livelihood and school fees. Dedicated to cultivating the talent around him, especially children Niza actively creates opportunities to Expand creativity in his community and the world.


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