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“Figy”, Sean Fred Mafigiri, is a graduate of Makerere University located in Kampala,
Uganda. There he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Fine Arts. He has loved drawing since he was a small child.

Over the years his talent for painting both impressionism and realism has greatly
developed. He says, “Art is everything and must be shared.” Being free-spirited, he believes that art is his therapy. His free spirit can be seen in his “dripping and
splattering” style which adds action and movement to his works.

He is inspired by his love of wildlife, cultural values, facial moods, and all forms of natural beauty. The artist has exhibited jointly before at Makerere University Gallery, Uganda, German Cultural Society (UGCS), Ikara Art Studio, Sheraton Uganda, NIYO Art Gallery (Rwanda), and Banana Hill Contemporary Art Gallery.

In the US he has exhibited at The Old Orchard Gallery (Webster Groves) and The Worlds’ Art Fair (Forest Park), mill creek art festival-south Portland, Yarmouth art show 2019.