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Gahima Kevin was born in November 1989 in kinshasa DRC. My father is from Rwanda. I been living in Rwanda since the summer of 2003 until today. Before coming to Rwanda I was living with my uncle in Chicago Illinois for about three years and a half. I went to the United States when I was almost 12 years old due to political conflicts in the late 90’s against the Rwandan’s citizens living in Congo.  Unfortunately it wasn’t for long – in 2003 I came to reunite with my father in Rwanda. I went to Green Hill’s Academy School in Kigali, it is among the best schools in the country. In school art class was my favorite and I got good grades compared to other class lessons. When I was 7 years old I used to love drawing pictures from magazine’s and news papers.

Unfortunately when I reached 11th grade I had to change to another school because of financials issues at home. When I changed schools I didn’t last there for long because I wasn’t used to the new system and that school didn’t have any art curriculum therefore I dropped out of school. In 2009 an artist friend invited me to Ivuka art center to see if it would interest me to start painting in order to express my creativity and sell my art work to support me financially. My first art painting work I did was in 2009 I was inspired by silver back’s gorillas which are located in Rwanda but due to the lacking of material’s to create more art works it wasn’t until 2014 I officially restarted to paint again when I got support from home and I quickly developed my own signature art style. So today through my art paintings I usually tend to show the peoples daily routines and development in Africa.