Niyo Arts center is a place for creativity to thrive; a safe haven where Rwandan artists can come and experiment with their art form, be it painting, sculpture, dance, music or drumming. The artists in residence come from all over Africa, so you can expect to see a vast array of African art on display.

In addition to the art, we also host musical and theatrical performances throughout the year. Its focus is on contemporary African art, but it also has a strong foundation in traditional drumming and dance.

Art center has two specific objectives: To provide a space where Rwandan creative artists can explore their talents and express themselves freely.  We offer a venue where artists from other African countries can come to share their cultures and experiences, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration.

The center recognizes that the arts have a unique power to unite people, promote empathy, build self-confidence, and catalyze social change. We offer classes in music, dance, theater, visual arts, and creative writing. The goal is to provide students with the skills and confidence they need to express themselves creatively and make positive contributions to their communities.

About the Founder

Niyo Arts Center is the realization of a dream by its founder, Niyosenga Pacifique. It is the fruit of many years of work and planning, and reflects his firm belief in the importance of art and culture as a vehicle for social transformation, integration and development. He believe that the arts have the ability to change lives and make a difference in the world. He ensures center is also dedicated to support children and single mothers living in poverty in Rwanda. He aim is to change lives through utilizing our artistic gifts – allowing them to provide basic necessities, such as education, health care, shelter, food etc.

Niyonsenga Pacifique believes in the principle that all people are born with an innate capacity for creativity and it should can nurtured and expressed to set them free. His mission is to provide under-served youth and adult access to quality arts education and creative expression.

The reason he can relate so well with people is because he grew up in Kigali, Rwanda. Later was adopted by a Canadian family when he was 12. He was drawn to art when he was only 8. His interest in painting was cultivated during his childhood and further developed into music. He owns multiple businesses related to tourism, art, and music. He’s the founder and the owner of Niyo Art Center.

Niyosenga has traveled the world to promote the cause across the USA, Europe etc. He was featured for his contributions in CNN African Voices, and city council of Charlottesville in Virginia.

Our artists in residence come from all over Africa, so you can expect to see a vast array of African art on display.

About Niyo Foundation

What would be Niyo Gallery without its foundation?
First and foremost, Niyo takes its roots from the Foundation. Created in 2012, Niyo Foundation has been established to assist and support through art children in the streets, single mothers, genocide survivors and more generally, individuals stroke by poverty. As so, the Foundation offers the possibility to learn how to dance, to drum, to sew, to produce handcraft products and above all, to create value with hands. Benefitting from their art, vulnerable people are able to strengthen their resilience, to build their future but also to support other’s lives, by contributing to the Foundation for 40% of their earnings.

Future Artist Program

Inspired by Niyo initiator’s son, the Future Artist project has been designed as a free of charge program for the community young kids between for 4 and 12 years old that are attracted by art but cannot afford or access it. Through this program, Niyo aims at giving a chance for artistic expression and education caring activities specifically designed for children.

Community Access to Artwork Program

Niyo artists also paint in the streets to bring art to everyone, including people that cannot enjoy it from where they are.

Art Therapy Activities

Niyo is proud to collaborate with several psychiatric hospitals healing mental and behaviour disorders by bringing art to disabled people through dance, music and painting